Healthy Spray Mop

  • Aluminium Coated Handle
  • Specially Developed for Ceramic Tiles
  • Use any liquid to clean the floor
  • Washable Micro fiber cleaning pad
  • Easy to assemble
  • Checking Warranty only

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• Removable and Washable Microfiber Cleaning Pad – Can Be Easily Removed and Washed When Dirty. Long Handle for Good Posture While Cleaning.
• Integrated Spray Mechanism Allows You to Simply Push a Lever On The Handle and Spray a Mist of Water on the Floor for Wet Cleaning. No Need for Water Bucket.
• Refillable Bottle – Simply Remove The Bottle and Fill it with Water. You Can Also Add Cleaning Liquids or Disinfectants to the Water as per Your Requirement.
• Detachable Components for Convenient Storage. Easy to Assemble When Needed. Thickened Aluminum Tube Makes This Mop Light and Durable.

Cleaning in tight corners and under furniture just got easier thanks to our Mop Master with built swivel PVC base and microfiber technology, it”s designed to give you an effective clean for wood floor surface. Pick up dirt, dust and hair with ease using this innovative mop specifically designed for wood floor cleaning. The microfiber mop head lets you clean effectively with spray and provide a deeper clean when damp. It is Ideal for wood floor cleaning, this mop really performs! Effective and easy cleaning experience.

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